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About Us

We are in the shipping field for the last 20 years and have been successfully doing Clearing and Forwarding, Freight Forwarding & Trailer Transportation business. Since that time we have served the community through hard work, dedication, innovation and technology. We are committed to continuous improvement of our services and ourselves. We believe that our commitment to our purpose and mission has shaped an organization well suited for today's business environment.

The Mission
The mission of SGS is to continually expand and improve our services to meet and exceed customer requirements, and accommodate their evolving growth and success. We will accomplish our mission with integrity, morality, and a team approach that allows us to continue to be a distinctive leader in the Shipping & Logistics industry, while providing good earnings and security for team members.

We are dedicated to our industry. It is our duty as a Documentation and transportation intermediary to be aware of the Foreign Trade Policies, best lanes, routes, rates, classifications and other components of successful freight movement and apply them daily for the benefit of our clients and carriers.

Our Corporate Concept

As a growing C&F company, the corporate philosophy of SGS is:
• To protect clients' customers from any inconvenience related to freight delivery
• To be a single source convenience for every Logistics need of our clients
• To continually expand and improve service to meet and exceed client requirements and accommodate their evolving growth and success
• To address our jobs with complete integrity and morality
• To use a team approach for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
• To maintain a level of reasonable profitability that allows reinvestment into people, processes, systems, training, infrastructure, physical facilities and technology to accommodate growth smoothly

We have been in shipping field since 1991 and work almost all part of shipping activities. In our experience we have handled uncountable General box, ISO tankers, flat track containers, reefer, over dimensional cargo(ODC), open top container, one door open containers, Car carrier vessel break bulk movements and Air Shipments. We have well efficient staff who can work for you round the clock. Our operation team functions 24/7 at our office near PORT DOCKS OFFICE to track given tasks also with the customs filling of bill for 24 hrs.

SGS is applying new rules for success. Good basic service is no longer enough. We believe in continuous incremental improvement -- raising the bar, each day, every day.

We understand that with all the technology that surrounds us, this is still a people business. We cultivate relationships not only with our customers and carriers but also with our fellow team members.

Every great company, every great brand and every great career has been built in exactly the same way -- bit by bit. If every element gets a little better every day, then that organization or that person becomes unstoppable. An organization that builds that kind of momentum will soon evolve into a market leader.